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Translation of Bugzilla 2.22.2

Yesterday I released the updated Bulgarian localization of Bugzilla 2.22.2. Although, that there was only one new sentence for translation I had to update the templates to the last version, so they do not cause problem for those who use the locale.
I don't know why, but again the update was late by almost 3 weeks, because again I found out for the new versions late. Although, the I keep an eye on the feeds and newsgroups, somehow the news of the new version slipped out of me. I one of the newsgroups that I watch there is announce, but I can't understand why I've missed that out. Maybe it is a good idea the translators to be notified timely for the new versions even before their release.
But yet I managed to catch the announce of Bugzilla 3.0rc1 and I'll begin the preparation of the translation just now, so when the new stable version comes out in April I would be ready and I do not have to catch up.
As usual you can download the new packages from:
Enjoy using!

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