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Translation of Bugzilla 4.0

Today, after 9 days of translating in the evenings, I've managed to complete the translation of Bugzilla 4.0 in Bulgarian. I had to change more than 150 templates 35 of which were new. I devote this one to my mum, which has birthday today! Happy birthday mum!
You could download the translation from here and enjoy it!


Plane over Lyulin motorway

Digging in Google Earth I've accidentally got over this image of plane over Lyulin motorway in its section through the mountain just before Malo Buchino. As in a shadow the image is decomposed in the three main colors, which reminds me of a previous similar image published in Internet.


Remove old server certificates in Nokia N900 browser (Firefox)

On my personal web site I'm using self signed certificates for SSL. These are stored by the browser and everything is fine until the moment they're regenerated. However, when you regenerate them (in the way I do, I'm only changing validity) you could not longer access the site, because the browser still uses the old certificate. In the desktop version of Firefox, I'm just removing the old certificate from Tools -> Settings... -> Advanced -> Encryption -> button Certificates -> tab Servers. Unfortunately, Nokia N900 has user interface only for management of certificates of client authorities. Hopefully, the same user interface as in desktop Firefox is available in it's mobile version. You just have to:
  1. Open the browser;
  2. Type chrome://pippki/content/certManager.xul in the address bar;
  3. Click on "Servers" under "Your certificates" and delete the certificate of your server.
I haven't found exactly the same information on Internet, so I'm posting here for everyone with the same "problem" as me :-)