My personal and professional life


Internet Explorer and its Accept HTTP Header

It looks like "my favorite" browser Internet Explorer [Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)] sends the Accept HTTP header like this:

Accept: image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg, application/, application/, application/msword, application/x-Schwab-flash, */*

From first sight it looks that this are MIME types of images, documents from the office suite of Microsoft and the Macromedia Flash extension. Only that there is no any HTML or XHTML media types.

This prevents showing of my CV directly in HTML format in the browser, because it is available also in PDF, PS, Doc, SXW and ODT formats. Based on the Accept header, that Internet Explorer sends, my content negotiation configured HTTP server sends the .doc file instead of .Html, which is not what I want exactly.

Despite the above said I don't think to change something, because I think that this is an incomplete Accept header and it's not my problem. Besides most of the users of this browser have Microsoft Office package available, so they will not have problem viewing the content ;-)


Adventures with a flat tyre

Yesterday, leaving work I didn't notice in the dark that the front right tyre of my car have go down. I determinate it just when I go up on Tsarigradsko in direction 4-th kilometer. I stopped instantlly and begun the repair, but while taking down the fall tyre was as easy as a child play, taking down the reserve tyre become "mission impossible". After an hour of work in the cold, and different ideas how to go and take a jig-saw from Mr. Bricolage store and cut the hardware that are holding it, I give up. Obviously the screw that holds the tyre under the boot was blocked up with dirt, dust, sand and whatever back tyres have thrown and was unable to move. After consultation with my boss (which also drive a Peugeot) I directed the car slowly on emergency lights to a tyre service on Shipchenski prohod, but when I arived there I determined that the fall tyre is unusable. The tyre service was overwhelmed with clients therefore I start calling familiars with 14'' tyres. One colleague come, so we can try his reserve tyre, but his aluminium wheel rim was unable to fit. So, after almost 3 hours I was able to drag up in Mladost 4 with fall tyre, furiously hungry and collected enaugh cold for the entire winter.

In the morning I go to fetch some cash and after that directly to the Diana service center on the ring-road. I dropped 80 leva for a new tyre and spend one hour there, because all Sofia was decided that this is the most appropriate time for changing the summer tyres (snow was fall just few days before). After that the stupid sofia's taxi 91280 broke my nerves, refusing my taxi order from the ring-raad to Mladost 4 - I was outside (understand not on an address) and therefore not a reliable client. They hang up. I must forget this number, byt the phone of OK Taxi was busy. After I was able to connect and make order, I go back to Mladost 4, changed the tyre and go to work. I arrived in the office as late as 11:30 AM, almost for lunch :-)

I must not forget to bye a foot-pump and to make possble the release of the reserve tyre.