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This weekend...

This weekend I have done lot of work on my home server.

First, I reorganized the disk space, so more space to be available on the /home and /var branches. This took me all of Saturday's afternoon since I was very cautious about what I was doing.

Second, I installed new kernel 2.6.10 which replaces the "old" good 2.4.26 kernel :-). This caused me some problems with the modules - some of them didn't load at boot time. I didn't know that in 2.6 series new file /etc/modprobe.conf replaces the /etc/modules.conf file used in 2.4 (and I think 2.2 and 2.0 series also). I have made a copy of /etc/modules.conf and the problem was solved, but it took me 1 hour and some to find it :-). And the all Sunday's afternoon was dedicated to the kernel tuning. In the night I do update on some of my scripts, so they can work with the new kernel.

Pfuuu... After all this I wonder how do I found time to spare with my lovely wife Evelyn :-). I love her and I want to share this with you on this day.