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Transcard hid my card these last months. It all started when in the middle of August I found that my card is blocked - I couldn't log in the Internet service. On phone *77 they informed me that there was a reorganization ongoing and my card had to be "reissued", because they were ceasing work with EuroBank. As it wasn't possible this to be done by fax, I went to their office where they convinced me that it's better to wait for the expiration of the card at the end of August, because like this the card would be reissued automatically.
I armed myself with patience and waited the whole month of September. After the card didn't arrive after all I called again phone *77 from where they informed me that I'm required to submit a plea as I point out reassuring and transfer of old debts. So I did. A new half a month waiting followed, until finally I received my card in teared envelope. Of course this wasn't a problem as they assured me on phone *77, because the card wasn't activated. But hasn't the one the one that teared the envelope had all the necessary for activating it? Hopefully, it didn't.
After some days my card was activated. I decided to log in the Transcard's Internet service for users, to check the information there. Alas, there was no information at all, because as they informed me from phone *77 this was "a completely new card" and respectively they cannot provide me access to the information about the old card.
All this made me ask myself the following questions:
  • Why it was necessary I to be deprived from my credit card for two whole months?
  • What kind of "reissuing" is this, as the card is "completely new"?
  • Is the level of security enough especially at the delivery of the new "reissued" cards by regular mail?
  • Why am I deprived of the information about the past movements on the card?
These questions made me come to the conclusion that the level of services in Bulgaria is still quite low. I think that as a user I should feel the "reorganization" of Transcard in such a way. I think that I should have received the reissued card as early as the beginning of  September, and not with two months delays and for reasons beyond my control.
Now I have my card, but I'm very disappointed from what happened and I already addressed my complaint to Transcard for everything that happened in the past two months.

For the mail without Subject:

Very, really very much I hate the mail without subject. Many people (even professionals) continue to send mail to anywhere, which doesn't tell me anything at first sight and is getting ordered with all other such messages (I must check if there is a bug in Bugzilla for that).

I appeal to anyone sending electronic mail - don't send messages without subject. It is the most essential thing of a message. Always put subject on the messages, which you send, if you want them to be taken into consideration.