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For the mail without Subject:

Very, really very much I hate the mail without subject. Many people (even professionals) continue to send mail to anywhere, which doesn't tell me anything at first sight and is getting ordered with all other such messages (I must check if there is a bug in Bugzilla for that).

I appeal to anyone sending electronic mail - don't send messages without subject. It is the most essential thing of a message. Always put subject on the messages, which you send, if you want them to be taken into consideration.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I hate too people that send to me email without subject.

Georgi D. Sotirov said...

It's not about hating the people, but the mail itself. Maybe most of the senders (ignoring spammers) do not understand the meaning of the subject or are neglect about it. I'm always trying to teach people who send me mail to use the subject field.