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A little sport

This weekend I again went to swim in the pool of the elementary school next to our house in Dupnitsa. I use the possibility to congratulate the municipality of Dupnitsa for the initiative to restore the pool in which paradoxically I was not able to swim until I was student there, but about 15 years later. Похвално е, that the destruction of the building was stopped and public access to the facility was granted.

From the beginning of this summer I use the possibility to swim each time when I'm in Dupnitsa. For other there is no time, and anyhow there I'm as less engaged as possible. I love sport, but the strenuous daily round, the strive for professional success and the family didn't left much window for it.

On Sunday I began practicing swim with plunge under water in the styles breaststroke and front crawl. However still is pretty hard for me and I can't get enough air. Therefore next time I'll practice mainly breathing, because it is most important for the right swimming and moreover in my opinion it reduces the tiredness in swimming.

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