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18-th in

Today I noticed, that I had took 18-th place in the Top Contributors list of - 48 packages. This, to some extent makes me happy, because the work on the creation of the packages is not easy, and is expensive. Although the created by me packages are build with scripts, the lack of generalized system for building of packages is still a minus for Slackware.
Unfortunately I still don't have the possibility to run my own site for Slackware packages, because I have no time remaining to complete the advanced search. My repositories currently contain around 130 packages of about 60 different software distributions, and this indices along with the space taken grow constantly.
This Saturday thanks to Vassil Kolev I managed to made mirror of the packages on I hope this way they will be accessible even when I have problem with the Internet connection or the machine at home.


Translation of Bugzilla 2.22.1 (also 2.18.6 and 2.20.3)

A day and half ago I managed at last to release the updated Bulgarian translations of Bugzilla. For the new 2.22.1 version several things needed to be translated and templates synchronized, because most of the changes were in the code and not in the text. Simultaneously with this I made several improvements of the translation and spell check fixes.

For the old versions the only thing that I done was to synchronize the templates. One way or another there were only code changes, and I don't have the possibility to support this versions qualitatively.

The packages can be found on the usual places - project packages and my home server.

Although that the changes this time were not much, the translations and the synchronization took full month, because

  • I learned late for the new versions released by Bugzilla;
  • I had problems with the softer, I use for the translation;
  • I didn't have enough free time.

Happy using!