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Translation of Bugzilla 2.22.2

Yesterday I released the updated Bulgarian localization of Bugzilla 2.22.2. Although, that there was only one new sentence for translation I had to update the templates to the last version, so they do not cause problem for those who use the locale.
I don't know why, but again the update was late by almost 3 weeks, because again I found out for the new versions late. Although, the I keep an eye on the feeds and newsgroups, somehow the news of the new version slipped out of me. I one of the newsgroups that I watch there is announce, but I can't understand why I've missed that out. Maybe it is a good idea the translators to be notified timely for the new versions even before their release.
But yet I managed to catch the announce of Bugzilla 3.0rc1 and I'll begin the preparation of the translation just now, so when the new stable version comes out in April I would be ready and I do not have to catch up.
As usual you can download the new packages from:
Enjoy using!


Gabi begun walking

Few days ago (I think on January 31-st) my daughter Gabriella nicely surprised me by welcoming me home from work walking alone. Thanks to the continuous efforts of his grandmother (my mother) Mariana, which takes care of her currently, she now it touring the whole flat alone and is very hard to stop it :-)

Some time ago a friend told me "You can sens how fast the time is going by the children...". Yes, its an absolute truth. As if I took breath only once between the birth of Gabi and the moment she begun walking. But how they says "The life doesn't measure with the count of breaths, we took, but with the moments, we stopped breathing".

How much?

Do you ask the question "How much?"? I had to answer this question, which irritates me and it's unpleasant, from time to time. I cannot understand why people are so curious and want to know how much you're paid, haw much you're paying about something and so on and so on. I do not like to be asked neither I ask this question.
Please, next time when you're about to ask this question think whether you'd like to answer the question you're asking.


I've released SlackPack (at least)

After long delay at least I've released SlackPack - my site for my Slackware packages. The whole site is written in Perl with the use of Template and is like the popular software for bug tracking - Bugzilla. Naturally the idea is quite a lot different - a system for management of Slackware packages and repositories. However, for the moment the system is rather representative, because the administrative part is not ready at all. Only the public side, which presents the packages and give the possibility for download works and is available to the public. Currently SlackPack will offer its users:
  • full packages information;
  • possibility for review of the package contents;
  • possibility for download;
  • possibility for automatic update of a system from the repositories;
  • quick search, advanced search and review of the packages by Slackware version or category;
  • always current feeds, generated on the moment.
Unfortunately currently the site is only in English, but I hope the soon I'll have the time to localize it in Bulgarian, because a significant part of my packages are localized in Bulgarian and I don't want to cause difficulties to the users who don't use English. I have also lot of interesting ideas for the site development, but its all matter of future and enough free time. I hope the site will be liked both by the professionals as well as enthusiast working with one of the best distributions.

Wash up your flash meomories!

Washed memory

Last Saturday with displeasure I found, that I've forgotten my personal flash memory of 2 GB in the jeans, which my wife have already been finished washing. It had occurred to me too late. I decided, that it can hardly survive after the two hour trundle and wash with strong powders in the washing machine. But, after I dried it for two days I finally found with pleasure that it works perfectly normal. I don't know whether the fact that I have left the cap closed didn't allow entering of much moist, but maybe the corpus itself does matter. I want to praise the manufacturer TwinMOS, for what they did - a product steady even on washing.

Now the memory works even better! Only the stamp did suffer and is more pail now.

I'm using the possibility to thank my ex-colleagues from OBS, which made me such quality present for my last birthday - TwinMOS® Mobile Disk Z4.