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I've released SlackPack (at least)

After long delay at least I've released SlackPack - my site for my Slackware packages. The whole site is written in Perl with the use of Template and is like the popular software for bug tracking - Bugzilla. Naturally the idea is quite a lot different - a system for management of Slackware packages and repositories. However, for the moment the system is rather representative, because the administrative part is not ready at all. Only the public side, which presents the packages and give the possibility for download works and is available to the public. Currently SlackPack will offer its users:
  • full packages information;
  • possibility for review of the package contents;
  • possibility for download;
  • possibility for automatic update of a system from the repositories;
  • quick search, advanced search and review of the packages by Slackware version or category;
  • always current feeds, generated on the moment.
Unfortunately currently the site is only in English, but I hope the soon I'll have the time to localize it in Bulgarian, because a significant part of my packages are localized in Bulgarian and I don't want to cause difficulties to the users who don't use English. I have also lot of interesting ideas for the site development, but its all matter of future and enough free time. I hope the site will be liked both by the professionals as well as enthusiast working with one of the best distributions.

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