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The translation of Bugzilla 2.22

Two weeks now as I'm translating Bugzilla 2.22rc1. The tings go slowly, because there are many new files. Since the idea of Bugzilla is full localization, now should be translated things such as edition and creation of products, as well as edition of parameters - things that up until now were only in English. I hope in the following several weeks to manage to finish the translation, so when the new 2.22 version come out it will be ready. Currently I don't know instaltion, which uses 2.22rc1, but if I don't find one until the moment of finishing the translation I'll have to update my Bugzilla to be able to test the new things.


Print server with Slackware Linux and HP 1020

This sunday my home server become local print server as well. Recently more often I need to print various documents and because of that I bought a HP LaserJet 1020 laser printer. Confortable and cheap printer for home.
Naturally the device came with drivers only for my "favourite" operating system Windows. Since I use Linux for everything I have to find a way to run it alone. The things turn to be more easy as I was exepcting. It turned out that the printer works with ZjStream protocol of Zenographics, for wihch there is support in the foo2zjs project. After an hour of work I managed to made package (md5, sign) for Slackware and after I installed it the things start to order one by one. Adding a printer to CUPS is really easy with the wizard in KDE. It took only 5 minutes. After that I was able to print on the device from every application. I hope soon to write an article, in which to detail the whole thing and then to publish it in Linux for Bulgarians.
The bad thing is that the dirver have less settings compared to the Windows variant, but however it works good. In Internet I found complaints that the pringing stops after 20 printed pages and this happens on Slackware, but I'm have nos success acheaving this problem yet.