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Lot of work...

Few days ago I took a glimpse of my buglist at Bugzilla on my home server and I literally dumbfounded. "Only" 18 bugs. I can not understand when they get so much, but lots of work is ongoing. Some of them are pressing and I should finish them till the end of the month, because I'm planing to release new version of SlackPack. Actually one big part of what I have to do is on SlackPack... I'm having so much ideas, that I don't have the time to release them and I only report them for later reference. Let's hope I have more spare time until the end of the month, so I can complete what I have planed for 0.3.0, and after this I'm starting the preparations for 0.5.0, where lot of interesting things should be included. If I just think about, that I've only started the translations of Buzilla 3.0, which should be released sometime in April... a great spring is on the horizon :-)

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