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WebTech 2006

Last friday and saturday I was on WebTech. Again alone, because my friends which wanted to come couldn't, and there were others that didn't show any interest.

With satisfaction I can say, that this year there were more interesting for me themes and the lectures were presented more professionally, although the level can be raised even more. I was impressed, that some of the lectours from the last year continue not to present lectures passably. The good thing is that most of the lectours from Bulgaria did presented themself good.

This year I'm generally satisfied from the organization, because with the ticket I bought the accommodation was painless. On the other side how should I know, that only with the pass card I could take free beverages from the coffe next to the halls? Nevertheless, my ticket was for the middle of the halls, not allways I could take place there. From organizational point of view there are things you can want.

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