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Lost documents

Yesterday (June 13) at noon I find out, that I have lost documents. Among these documents were the car registration (part II), Civic Responsibility policy + talon, ATE protocol + talon. Immedeately I searched for the documents, But I could not find them. The only place where I could lost them is post station 115, where I posted letters that morning. Yesterday afternoon and early this morning I manage to restore all but the talon for the гражданската - разбира се I must pass new ATE, because it can't be restored :-(

No doubt I'm guilty, but I can't understant, why the person that found them (if they wre found) did not contact me. He should have at least my address, which is enaugh to leave a note. Moreover on the Civic Responsibility policy I think there is my mobile phone number.

Please, If anyone found these document to return them. Don't be bad!

Update: The documents were found and were returned in the late evening of June 14. At lease I'm now calm that nobody will abuse them. Thank you Svetoslav!

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