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MySQL 8.0.24 and 5.7.34 released

Today, Oracle released MySQL 8.0.24 (see release notes) and 5.7.34 (see release notes) maintenance releases. You could find more about the changes and improvements in official announcement. The interesting new features for developers in the server are:

In MySQL 8.0.24 release the compilation problem I reported (see bug 102308) was fixed. Thanks to Tor Didriksen! There is also fix for MySQL Workbench 8.0.23 start failure on macOS (see release notes for 8.0.24), which I reported (see bug 102364) along with many others (see bugs 102284 and 102286 and their duplicates), but the resolution was unnecessarily delayed until the next release cycle, because you know all products need to have the same version...

Happy upgrading!

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