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Picture-in-picture mode for videos in Firefox 71

Firefox 71 arrived two days ago (see release notes) and I already absolutely love the new picture-in-picture mode for playing videos while you're browsing. It's a real deal for me, because this is the usual way I'm browsing today - having a video playing in the background and listening to it while surfing websites. The only drawback was that I had to switch to the video tab from time to time, when I'd like to actually see what's playing. This sometimes involved searching for the tab, because I usually have many tabs open in different groups (organized with Panorama View extension).
Now my online experience is much more pleasant, because I could just start a video, pop it up into a separate small window wherever on the screen I like and then continue surfing or do something else. Like this I could still keep an eye on the video even when I go out of Firefox. It's super useful even when I'm working on something, because I normally use many online resources. The feature is only available on Windows for now, but Mozilla promises to make it available for MacOS and Linux with the next release due in a month or so.
Thank you Mozilla for constantly making my online experience better!

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