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Finishing with's mail

From the beginning of last year I had problems with the mail of, which I'm using from 20 or so years. The service was unavailable by IMAP and I was loosing messages. After I didn't mange to get in touch with support I wrote in's forums with the hope somebody to know something about. Leaving aside the needless and pompous comments, one of the users responded and my problem was solved (I supposed it was an administrator). Since then there were several short term outages of the service, but last week I noticed that the mail is again not available most of the time. Since yesterday unfortunately again I do not have any access neither through IMAP nor through the web interface.
Now this forces me to think seriously for migrating completely to Gmail. This includes:
  • copying about 1 GB mails, which shouldn't be a problem considering the capacity of today's connections as long as the service becomes available again to which I strongly hope, because I have some important messages.
  • redirection of N in count services to my mail address in Gmail. This would be a tough task, because I'm not even sure I'll be able to enumerate all although I keep the mails with registration confirmation, but for now I'm considering keeping the address in until I transfer everything. I have already started, because I didn't receive the mails from BGOUG.
  • updating web pages in Internet, source code and others.
I'm really not sure why it happened like this and I'm sorry, because the service was useful and comfortable. I used it without problems quite some time (even since Gmail did not existed and there was Yahoo). Apparently however recently the service is not supported well and I think they have problems with spam and other attacks.

That's it. I maybe post something short, when I'm done with the migration.

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