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Should Slackware implement systemd?

Two recent events made me wrote this post. The first one was a user in LinuxSlackware's Facebook group who was thanking Patrick for not switching to systemd. The second one was a recent case where the night jobs of an application were running two many heavy processes on a MySQL 8 server under RHEL 7, which lead to memory exhaustion and unresponsive service. In the second case systemd acted to kill the mysqld process and start it again, so the service was restored and the application could at least work.

Now, the first event just expresses a user opinion, which I, as a long time Slackware user, could understand, because it's something we're used to. It's simple and works at lest for most of the things.

However, the second event made me think, that under Slackware this would not have happened, unless you implement it yourself somehow. The question is does it worth it when it's already implemented and working well on all the other Linuxes I'm using?

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