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Translation of Bugzilla 5.0.4 and 4.4.13

I was just about wondering what's going on with Bugzilla's development, when this morning I saw the announcement for 5.0.4 and 4.4.13 in my mailbox. Given it was Saturday, I started updating the translations immediately. You could now have them from the usual places (for 5.0 and 4.4). These releases came 1 year and 9 months after the previous ones, which I find rather strange (the bugs fixed for 5.0.4 - e.g. 1273846, 1310728, 1301887 and 1303702 were all reported 2 years ago and some of them were fixed more than a year ago). Both releases were triggered by the security issue (see the security advisory, bug 1433400 and CVE-2018-5123), but I think this is the longest period without a new Bugzilla release in the past 12 years that I'm translating it.

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