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The only thing that makes sense...

I'm alone. I left my wife Iva and my daughter Gabriella to stay in Kurdzhali. My brother is on a business trip again. The work is tedious (understand, not that there is now work, but it doesn't give you pleasure) and uninteresting. At the moment I give up my desire of a career not because I didn't believe in myself, but because I can't find kindred souls. People I can trust and they can trust in me too. I'm sick of working on fabricated schemas, and not the way I'm used to, I'm sick of not using the tools I'm used to.

Pondering over these things I'm always coming to the conclusion that the only thing that makes sense in live are children. The only thing that is worth it is to crete life. My live without Gabriella and Iva is senseless. Thats why I have no patience to bring them home this week.

I suppose, that I should consider job change.

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